The Becker Family

Larry & Linda Becker

Larry received a Technical Certificate in Agriculture from the University of Minnesota in 1966. Larry has been involved with the operation all his life.  He does some bookkeeping and manages crop production.  Linda was a registered nurse at the Fairmont Community Hospital until 1971, when she began working on the farm.  Her main duty is to keep everyone fed.

Lynn & Julie Becker

Lynn & Julie both graduated from the College of Agriculture at the University of Minnesota in 1995, with degrees in Agricultural Business Management.  Lynn manages overall swine production and the feed mill.  Julie is the farm business manager.  They have three children: Leyton, Joni, and Lincoln.

Lonny & Lynn M. Becker

Lonny graduated from Iowa Lakes Community College with an Associate of Applied Science Degree in Farm Management with a Swine Option in 1991.  Lonny manages hog and crop production and marketing.  They have five children: Leanna, Levi, Luke, Larissa, & Lance.